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     3-Jan-2021. CalculiX 2.19 is available.

    19-Sep-2021. CalculiX 2.18 is available.

    05-Jan-2021. CalculiX Launcher v3.4 for Linux 32&64 bit and MS Windows 32&64 bit

    Suitable to work with Salome-Platform 3D-CAD/Mesher.

    Read more at:

    Main components:

    • CalculiX CCX (solver): latest, stable and old stable versions, multi-thread with SPOOLES.
    • CalculiX CGX (2.12) with custom modifications (type ‘prool’ to see list of additional cards);
    • GMSH and collection of mesh converters (unv, msh, vol, gmsh inp to CCX inp).
    • Modified VTKPost , Monitor for nonlinear calculation, graph builders for input and results.
    • INP files editor with code snippets to apply boundary conditions on groups.
    • CCX Wizard (GUI for CCX) for miscellaneous types of analysis.

    Verification samples (go to main page if link won’t be active):

    See video lessons here and subscribe it.Please, help open-source community share and create new examples and articles.
    The objective of distributing this collection of free open-source software is to help professional engineers, students and hobbyists with studying main principles of FEA and  CAD. Since open-source programs are developed by independent teams, there are many problems with compatibilities of file formats and open libraries. Distribution of statically linked binaries is helpful for beginners to start working without investigation of why it doesn’t work and  why old published samples can not be reproduced on new versions

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