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    NEW! CalculiX Launcher v3 for Linux 32 and 64 bit and Windows 64/32bit

    Suitable to work with Salome-Platform 3D-CAD/Mesher.

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    On-line service for CalculiX (free tools + extended options with low cost for PC time)

    CalculiX Examples by Prof. Martin Kraska

    CalculiX for Windows by Jeff Baylor, professional engineer







    See video lessons here and subscribe it.Please, help open-source community share and create new examples and articles.
    The objective of distributing this collection of free open-source software is to help professional engineers, students and hobbyists with studying main principles of FEA and  CAD. Since open-source programs are developed by independent teams, there are many problems with compatibilities of file formats and open libraries. Distribution of statically linked binaries is helpful for beginners to start working without investigation of why it doesn’t work and  why old published samples can not be reproduced on new versions
    Old publications._______________________________________________________

    Don’t use elements with linear approximation! In most cases it can give  visually correct but really wrong results (due to very slow convergence)!

    Use S6 for shells and C3D10 for bodies! In this case there is no any difference with known commercial programs.


    Here is comes… New updated version of lisa-fet ( ) now available for downloading.

    Lisa is not open-source software but it has very liberal license (1300nodes for free and $80CAD is not money for this program). It supports open source meshers like GMSH and NETGEN (msh and vol files with groups). This is a good addition to the CalculiX for cross-checking of results (to avoid occasional mistakes and sins). One program is good but two much better (since not too much free and well working  solutions for Windows platform at all. Note that most of native linux programs like Elmer, Salome, and even CalculiX, don’t support all functions and features, or have unstable builds for windows. ).



    P.S. Some mistakes were found in old version CalculiX_2_5_win_004

    see here and here

    While installation choose win32 option for calculix 2.5v004 (see here)

    New version 2.5 win 005 HERE


    Here it cooooomes!

    The ranks are spreading! See new related project here:


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CalculiX examples