New Extended GUI for CalculiX CalculiX Is Free Open-Source Finite Element Software

    Converter GMSH (classical) INP >>> CCX INP – added 11/30/13

    Some new converters (free) – added 11/06/13

    to download set up English translation of YandeX cloud or press blue button

    by dip28 (UNV, msh, VOL, GMSH INP files)

    by Prool (GMSH INP>>CalculiX INP) including recombined shells



    Go t the download page (for Open-source version)

    Get The Version With Graphical User Interface for CalculiX 2.5 here:

    # MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer (
    bec054c0ee78f0775433ebe6f16b7607 *

    NOTE for European Users: Change decimal separator from “,” to “.” (at Windows regional settings) to avoid mistake at run c4w.exe. Also you can try to replace c4w.exe by this updated file. New version of CalculiXForWin with latest CCX and CGX 2.6 versions  is coming soon.Follow updates please. Now you can replace ccx.exe by the 32bit version of build (but don’t replace cgx.exe!). Note that the 64bit version has some mistakes (use 2.5.x 64bit for large models).

    (here is version 2.5 – 32 bit. If you want to use 64 bit or newer version, you can change CCX executable with free version. Don’t change CGX.exe!)

    GMSH by Prool (1st version with modified CalculiX INP support):



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